Integrity, Innovation, and Performance
KBM, Inc.

What does KBM stand for?

This question has been posed to every KBM employee thousands of times. Some of the replies? KBM stands for Excellence in Engineering; It’s like IBM but easier to spell; Knight Brothers Machines … the world may never know. But we know what we stand for, our corporate tenets.

+ Customer Service - Customer service is essential to customer retention - KBM’s first customer was the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Research, Development, and Engineering Center (RDEC), which is still retaining and increasing our services with them. KBM has proven its excellent management and technical capabilities, with a competitive pricing structure, through our completion of over 500 Task Orders, Task Initiatives, and Contracts for many organizations in our corporate history. This was done by successfully completing specific tasks and sustaining general support services – all at the lowest possible cost to the customer. We stand behind our customer to help them succeed.

+ Employee Engagement and Development – We work hard to find outstanding employees and get them in a position to succeed. Employee development is essential in being flexible and responsive to evolving demands and technologies.

+ Corporate Success - Corporate success is essential to provide ongoing support – we will be there, for our customer and our staff, tomorrow.

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